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The fitness industry is enough to make you want to pull your hair out.

From guru’s selling you their latest unproven fads to fitness models on social media pretending that they actually use the supplement they just recommended you.

It’s hard to know who to trust in this business and honestly, you can’t trust much of what you see or read in this industry which is so often driven by sales at the expense of honesty.

LiftNLive’s promise to you is that this will always be a safe-haven from the bullshit – we’ll NEVER compromise our integrity for money and we’ll arm you with the knowledge to weed out the snake oil salesmen.


A common theme you’ll find on LiftNLive is that all of the information provided is based on scientific evidence and put into simple terms that everybody can understand and utilise.

You won’t find any of the non-proven gimmicks, fads and down right scams that are typically associated with this industry.

This fits directly in line with our promise of integrity and simplicity.

We’ll stay on top of the latest science, research and evidence so that you don’t have to.

The Mission at LiftNLive

I simply want to make the health and fitness industry that has given me so much, a more honest and accessible place for people.

The fitness industry so often fails to deliver the positive impact on people’s lives that I know it can due to lies, greed and misinformation.

My mission is to open the door to fitness for as many people, no matter your individual lifestyle and show you that you can achieve your goals whilst still living life on your terms.


Getting into fitness should be EASY for most people regardless of their lifestyle and almost everybody can achieve their fitness goals around their current life commitments.

..But have you noticed that instead of encouragement, this industry seems to shame and put up one obstacle after another for the average person to achieve their fitness goals?

“Don’t eat carbs”
“Don’t go party”
“Don’t eat sugar”
“Don’t eat anything artifical”
“Don’t drink alcohol”
“Eat only meats, fats and pray to the god of Keto for forgiveness if a carb ever touches your lips”

Shit, who can live like that!?

No wonder people lose their passion for fitness FAST with all of these nonsensical rules.

It sounds like it would more fun to pack your bags, put on a robe and hit the cold mountains of Tibet to live out the rest of your days as a monk.

LiftNLive’s commitment to you right now is to simplify this process and make it as accessible to your individual lifestyle as possible. Not to mention FUN.

We truly believe that everybody can Lift and Live.

You’ll only ever find simple, effective and evidence based information here to help you reach your goal.

Life is too short to worry about the extra crap that doesn’t matter.

We Aim to Educate

Most of the messages we hear in the popular media about fitness will insult your intelligence with pseudoscience and nonsense. Just because it makes a good headline

You deserve better – we’ll break down the current evidence for you and explain it in layman’s terms.

At LiftNLive, the goal isn’t just to provide you the fish, it’s to teach you how to fish so you have the skills for life.

We Pursue Progress

Perfection doesn’t exist – but as long as you are progressing and moving forward, you are winning.

Our aim is to help you find YOUR consistent, steady progress. Not the unrealistic Instagrammer who is loaded up on steroids and has no other responsibilities besides the gym.

Something that you can adhere to and enjoy FOR LIFE.

Honesty – We Keep it 100!

This is important : Nothing pisses us off more than scams, fads and the endless garbage that this industry spews out to separate you from your hard earned cash.

Stick with us and you’ll always be safe from that B.S – Pinky promise.

We Have Fun

If thinking about starting fitness fills you with dread and you’ve been led to believe that you can’t have a life outside of the gym, then you’ve been sold a lie.

Sure, it’s not easy – nothing worthwhile ever is, but shit, if fitness sucks all of the fun out of life, then what’s the point!?

I guarantee you that there is an aspect of fitness that you will enjoy.

Whether it be the camaraderie and social aspect of group training, the competitive nature of sports, getting stronger and the list goes on!

There is something for everyone and the mission at LiftNLive is to help you find it.

We then help you to find ways to integrate fitness into YOUR lifestyle so that you can adhere to your plan for life while having a blast!

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