12 Minute Tabata Training Bike Workout

Why is the Tabata Training Bike Workouts intensity in Watts? What are Watts?

Watts are different from ‘level’ which is normally used as a measurement of intensity on the exercise bike.

Watts are, and I hope that I explain this clearly enough, a measurement of intensity that keeps you generating a certain amount of power. For example, if you were on 300 Watts and your speed suddenly dropped because you were tired then the bike would automatically increase the resistance to make sure that you are still generating 300 Watts of power. So your overall intensity stays the same on the watts program.(Although Tabata recommends keeping your RPM at 90 throughout your work intervals)

Where as if you are using ‘level’ as your measurement intensity, your cycling speed could drop but the resistance would stay on whatever level you have picked. Therefore because you have lowered your speed, your overall intensity drops. This doesn’t happen with the watts programme because it compensates for your loss in speed by automatically increasing resistance.

You may modify this programme if you are just starting out by decreasing the watts slightly. 400-450 watts feels like you’re cycling through mud at first but if you increase your cycling speed it will feel lighter.

Start where you feel comfortable but remember that Tabata kept his subjects cycling at an rpm of 90 during their work intervals in these bike workouts – The exercise was terminated if they fell below 85 rpm

I recommend using the number keypad on the exercise bike to switch between your intervals. This makes the transitions from recovery to intervals faster (and vice versa!).

Read about the famous ‘Tabata Training – Bike Workouts’ study before continuing
Click this link for a free printable workout log version of this bike workout

0 min Warm up 75
1 Warm up ” “
2 Warm up ” “
3 Warm up ” “
4 mins Warm up ” “
5-5:20 Interval 1 400-450
5:20-5:30 Recovery 75
5:30-5:50 Interval 2 400-450
5:50-6 Recovery 75
6-6:20 Interval 3 400-450
6:20-6:30 Recovery 75
6:30-6:50 Interval 4 400-450
6:50-7 Recovery 75
7-7:20 Interval 5 400-450
7:20-7:30 Recovery 75
7:30-7:50 Interval 6 400-450
7:50-8 Recovery 75
8-8:20 Interval 7 400-450
8:20-8:30 Recovery 75
8:30-8:50 Interval 8 400-450
8:50-9 Recovery 75
9-12 mins Cool Down 50-75

Click this link for a free printable workout log version of this bike workout

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