As of 01/04/2021, Epicaestetics.com has merged with LiftNLive.com

LiftnLive is happy to announce this merger with both websites similarly aligned in their goals to help people navigate the fitness industry with minimal fuss.

With this merger, we’ll continue to help as many people reach their fitness and physique goals while still living a fulfilling life.

Altug Kop – LiftNLive

You can still find all of the same epic content that you loved on EpicAesthetics on LiftnLive.com below such as:

Eric Helms Interview

The Context of My Body Transformation

10 Aesthetic Naturals That Use IIFYM (flexible dieting)

IIFYM For Contest Prep

Top 10 Biggest Mistakes Competetive Fitness Models Make

Clean Eating + IIFYM = Eating Disorder

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