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  1. I tried to use your converter but it didn’t work, rendering your site useless

    1. Thanks for informing me 🙂 Although just one tiny aspect of my site being down doesn’t render the whole thing useless lol! Will get it fixed asap!

      Thanks again

  2. Thanks for this article! I was able to build a BMR calculator for my own site but actually wasn’t aware of the Harris Benedict principle until recently. I always knew that the average person can burn a considerable amount of energy throughout the day via regular activities but didn’t have a way to calculate it.

  3. Your converter would not work for me. Tired several times, not sure if I did it correctly.

    1. I do apologise. I need to get it updated which I will do as soon as I get a chance. Thanks for letting me know.

  4. It would be nice to know what the weight conversion is from pounds to Kilo’s !?!

  5. Just to let everybody know that the BMR Calculator has now been updated so that it not only works but it is easier to use. Hope you enjoy! 🙂 As always give us a shout with any questions and I’ll be happy to answer!

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