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There are workout routines for toning in abundance online but what exactly do we mean by “toning”?workout routines for toning

It is a word that is thrown around often when many people describe their fitness goals however many people aren’t aware that there is really no such thing as a workout that is specific to toning.

Let me explain — There are basically two physical changes that can take place in your body when you train. Your muscles can get bigger or you can lose fat.

When people refer to “toning”, they are normally referring to both of these physical changes happening to a small degree. A little bit of fat loss with some muscular definition.

The best kind of workout routines for toning would therefore be workouts that can build muscle whilst burning fat.

Unfortunately, these are two opposing goals and you’ll not get much success by trying to do both at the same time as your daily calorie requirements are extremely different for muscle building and fat loss.

The best option you have is to focus on muscle building and definition first (for at least 8-12 weeks) Check Out Our Muscle Building Workouts here and then focus on fat loss for an equal amount of time. Check Out Our Fat Loss Workouts Here

However, there are certain workout routines for toning that can help you to maintain your muscle definition whilst burning fat — Having looked at many programs online for the best workout routines for toning, my personal favourite was Vince Delmonte’s Muscle Building and Fat Loss e-package. For more information on this product I have a full Ebook review here.

These complete packages give you a blueprint for achieving your goals and all you have to do is follow them, whether you are a male or female. (certain programs are better dependant on your sex)

Some of the benefits to you of Vince Delmonte’s program include :-

  • Nutritional plans
  • Workout routines for toning / muscle building / fat loss
  • Exercise databases
  • 210 page fat loss and muscle building book
  • Unlimited lifetime updates

The information and workout routines for toning in this package are top notch and helped me to transform my body in 8 weeks while I was reviewing it!

I kept a log too which you can see right here on this website for your interest.

Although I recommend this package, it’s best to understand that toning is a double-pronged goal that needs two approaches. One to address the muscle building and definition portion of your goal and the other to burn fat to show your “tone”. This applies whether you are male or female.

Thanks for reading and I hope it helped!


If you’ve finished with my article, workout routines for toning then I’d recommend checking out my video review of the best routines here.


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