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What is a Weight Gainer?

Weight gainers were designed for people who struggle to put on weight (surprise!) and for those who also have a difficult time consuming enough calories to build muscle!

This sounds helpful in principle however, the problem with most weight gainers is that they contain calories that may not be ideal for every situation i.e simple sugars, low quality protein and saturated fats.

Therefore it is useful to determine what you want to use your weight gainer for – If you only want to use it for post-workout nutrition, then stick with the weight gainer that contains fast release, simple sugars.

If you want to use it at any other time to supplement your diet, then I’d recommend trying to source a weight gainer that contains slow-release carbohydrates to keep your energy levels and body fat in check!

There are a few quality ones out there, just be real careful and you should be able to spot them.

Look out for signs of poor quality weight gainers – Poor quality protein, ratio of macronutrients and too much saturated fat.

With regards to ratio, I like Prolab N-large or CytoSport Gainers ratio. Around 50 grams of protein with 80 grams carbs and 6 grams of fat.

How Do Weight Gainers work?

They work by adding to your daily calorie consumption! Pretty simple really – These extra calories will be used towards reaching your muscle building goals (Only if the calories are of the right quality – If not they’re going towards your love handles!)

Weight gainers are not an essential supplement and can often be made at home with a few ingredients, a bit of creativity and a blender!

Some may still prefer the ease of having these calories in a simple, easy to use, powder form.

Who Would Benefit Most?

Only those who are trying to build muscle but are struggling to put away the calories necessary for muscle growth!

Perhaps also users who just want to keep a balanced diet but are constantly on the go could also use weight gainers for a quick meal replacement

What are the doses?

We’re dealing in calories so it really will be dependent on the individual – Supplement packaging will normally have guidelines but as a side note I’ve noticed that many of their ‘servings’ contain too much protein/carbs for most people. Half a serving from most weight gainers is sufficient in one sitting.

Side Effects?

Excess bodyfat if too many low quality calories are consumed!

Also drowsyness, tiredness and lack of energy if a poor quality weight gainer is used that is high in sugar. (You may feel an initial spike in energy but that would be followed by a crash if sugar content is high)

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