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What is Whey Protein?

Whey protein is the ultimate type of protein! During the process of turning milk into cheese, the whey protein is separated. (Milk contains around 20% whey protein).

There are many types of protein found in a variety of foods – The best kinds, called ‘complete’ proteins are usually meats. Things like chicken, beef, lamb, fish etc

Dairy products also contain protein – Things like eggs and cheese. You also have foods like nuts and pulses which also contain protein.

However, Whey protein still has the highest biological value and provides the most usable amount of amino acids – In short, this results in building and maintaining muscle tissue.

How Does Whey Protein Work?

Whey protein (the highest quality and best form of protein) is an amazing and must-have supplement for anybody looking to build or maintain muscle tissue (so basically everyone! Even if your goal is fat / weight loss, muscle retention is a must!).

Whey provides your body with building blocks to produce amino acids that are used for building muscle.

As I mentioned earlier, it has been discovered that whey protein contains the perfect combination and optimum amounts of overall amino acids! This is especially important after a hard workout because your body will be depleted of protein and will be screaming for a refill!

If you do not provide your body with protein quickly, it will take protein from your muscles and enter a ‘catabolic’ state (muscle breakdown!).

In comes whey to save the day! (I’m a poet and didn’t know it) Being as whey protein is the most bioavailable of the proteins AND it being in liquid form will mean that your muscles will be nourished with protein as quickly as possible post-workout. This is the most important meal of the day which also increases the value of whey protein as a supplement!

Who Would Benefit Most From Whey Protein?

Everybody would benefit from supplementing with Whey Protein. Too many people are put off by whey protein because of the fact that it comes in a large tub, occasionally with a muscular physique on the front! The fear normally being that taking it makes the user ‘unatural’

Whey protein is quite simply powdered food and anybody who is missing whey protein from their program schedule is seriously short-changing their progress. Regardless of whether your goal is fat loss or muscle building.

The most important use for it is muscle building and muscle retention. You may build muscle without it but if you want to speed up your recovery after a workout and truly maximize your gains, I’d recommend purchasing a whey protein powder that should at least be consumed post-workout. This will help you to build muscle fast!

For dieters, whey protein is also very important! Your goal should be to maintain your lean muscle tissue whilst losing the ‘bad’ weight i.e. fat! This is a permanent way to lose weight. Losing muscle weight will mean your body burns calories at a slower rate and this will mean regaining your lost weight!

What Are the Recommended Doses?

As Whey is like food, it will depend on things like your bodyweight and your goals. The average trainee would often take at least 25-30 grams (depending on bodyweight) of whey protein after a workout at the very least to recover their muscles.

Muscle builders who are after serious muscular gains may supplement their diet with even more whey protein. As much as 3-4x higher than the average trainee. This is down to personal preference.

Any Side Effects?

Whey protein is safe – We consume protein on a daily basis

Extreme doses of whey protein is not recommended. This may very rarely cause your liver to be overloaded. (However, the amount you’d need to ingest would have to massive!).

The best protocol is to consume protein at regular intervals throughout the day so that your body can digest it all. This is including solid food (whey should never completely replace your solid food protein sources).

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