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  1. Great comment on genetics. What many persons either forget or never learn is that one’s genes play a major role in one’s physique. No matter how hard one work’s out, he will never be Herschel Walker. This isn’t to suggest one shouldn’t work hard at fitness, but each person must determine what is best for her or him. Herschel is an inspiration, but don’t become discouraged if you cannot perform 2,000 pushups. (By the way, Jack la Lanne, at age 42 performed 44 pushups per minute for 23 minutes straight on television. Imagine having to perform more than 1,000 pushups while thousands watch!

  2. I spent 24 years in The U.S. Navy as a Seal. I firmly believe we had the most physically demanding training programs in the world. There is no way that Walker can do 1500 reps on the chin up bar. You can to push ups and sit ups all day, but he’s full of shit if he said he can do that many chin ups!

  3. if you have the time and nothing else to do, then go ahead and workout all day. Remember one thing, working out and staying in great shape is an on going life long endeavor. Chances are you will not be able to keep up with the demands of this type of routine. If you want to increase in muscle and strenth all you need to do is, workout three times a week doing bodyweight exercises like the ones talked about here. I gaurantee results. Do squats, calf raises, push-ups and pull-ups for five sets each, three times a week. Make sure that you do them with proper form. Do them strict and deliberate, and take no more than between a minute or two between sets. This is what has worked for me. I am 51 now and in great shape. Good luck…

    1. Agreed Corky,

      Like I mentioned this is just what Herschel does and more for a bit of fun.

      This routine isn’t the most efficient or effective way to build muscle or get in shape for the average Joe.

      Thanks for reading the blog!


  4. Isn’t it documented that Jack Lalanne once did 1000 pushups and 1000 pullups in about an hour and a half?

  5. Erik, Jack Lalanne was asked what the toughest thing he ever did. As you may know he did many feats of strength. At age 70 he pulled boats with people in them while swimming. His answer: he once did 1000 pushups and 1000 chinups in 1 hour and 22 minutes.

  6. @ EriK…being a SEAL doesnt make you an a pro athlete. Im 46 and do 250 pull ups, 600 pushups, 400 dips, etc, and I am no where near the physical condition of HW. If you read his routine you would know it took him most of the day to do it.

  7. Andrew Sharp says:

    If you do 1000 pushups 1000 dips 1000 situps and say 500 chinups every single day 7 days a week for a year you will get huge, I dont care who you are, calisthenics unlike weight lifting which gives you big slow acting muscles . Calisthenic give you that super strong fast twitching grab him and shred him apart muscle unlike weights. If you get your muscle from the pushups the dips the chinups and situps you will be far stronger and superior as opposed to the guy who lifted weights. Unless he does 1000 reps on the benchpress of his own weight everysingle day for a year which you cant do it I am strong as hell and with calisthenics you dont loose the muscle cause in order to get it you have to work 10 times harder which can make you 10 times stronger weight you loose it because you didnt earn it.

    1. Hey Andrew,

      Thanks for commenting! I don’t agree with everything you say about weights. Weights can be used as a fantastic speed-building component of any exercise program. Weights can hit your slow-twitch fibers but also hit your fast twitch fibers also for more speed/explosive power.
      However, it is all dependant on your exercise selection and the techniques you are using to perform those exercises.
      But yes, bodyweight exercises are awesome – It all boils down to what your goals are in the end!

  8. Hey guys, I like and respect all of your opinions on HW’s routine…I am willing to give this a challenge. To start off, how many pushups, sit-ups and dips should I be doing per day? I thought it would be good to see what you all may say, rather than going overboard and unrealistic. Thanks!

  9. George Sharples says:

    I used to do 1,000 pressups and 50-100 chins a day. Did it aged 27 to 30. Last time i did 1,000 press was my 30th birthday. Am 42 now and started pressups again 3 weekd again. Managing sets of 15 now.. Pathetic and shoulders are sore, but im on 100 a day now. Will crank it up as i need to lose the moobs!

    This site is great motivation 🙂

  10. Erik, you have NO idea what you’re talking about. I love whem these jealous bitch boys open their punk ass mouths and doubt others, just because they’re wimps. Nave Seal or no Nave Seal, obviously you didn’t start training you muscles at the age of 10, as did Herschal. It is absolutely possible to do 1500 reps during thr course of one day. He didn’t say he did them all at one time, you moron. So next time you decide you open your mouth, moron, know what the hell you are talking about!! Maybe you should get Herschal to help train the Navy Seals, you punk!!

    1. Now, now boys – Let’s all chill out and keep it clean..


  11. I’m an ordinary 54 year old guy, committed to doing 55,000 pushups in 2012 to raise $1M to fight cancer. Check out my blog at Join my team for a $25 donation (or more) to the American Cancer Society. Together we can whip this dreaded disease!

  12. Altug – could you fix my spelling mistake? It should be “dreaded” disease. Thx – Bob

    ***Sure, consider it fixed – Altug***

  13. where did his traps come from, the push ups or the sit ups?

  14. I’m with Erik. Even doing sets of, say, 100, there is NO WAY he’s doing 1,500 pull-ups a day. No way.

    Unless he posts a video or has some media come in to film one of these sessions, I call BS.

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